Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Snack Attack or (Keep yo' hands off of my 'maters.)

Anytime is pizza time.
Yesterday while doing some grocery shopping I noticed a woman with three children cruising down the bread aisle whilst munching on a slice of pizza at the same time.  I was mesmerized almost transfixed.  Here I was doing my shopping because I was almost out of food and I was getting hungry.  It never even occurred to me to kill two birds with one stone. Most supermarkets have their own deli or pizza place.  I could understand the appeal of eating before venturing forth through the endless aisles where the chocolate covered muffins with bacon frosting seem to call out to the famished customer.  Almost like Psirens luring an unsuspected sailor to his death.
In Soviet Russia, the tomato fondles you.
     The difference here was she was just casually strolling down the aisle with a slice of pizza in her hand, the grease most likely oozing off of the cheese.  She may pick up a box of cereal and the put it back leaving pizza grease finger prints.  She may have fondled the tomatoes in the produce section trying to find the perfect morsel.  Although from what I have gathered from looking at her, I don't think she was even aware of produce or anything that wasn't prepackaged.  I'm not saying that because she was overweight.  But her attitude seemed to suggest that if it wasn't processed it wasn't food.  The way she just threw boxes of sugar into the shopping cart at the request of her children.  Since when do adults listen to children?  Perhaps I am being a little mean or even judgmental but what else is there to do while shopping?  That's what people do.  You go to a place full of people and you automatically make judgments.  It's our brains way of staying sane.
It turned out she was a pregnant watermelon thief.
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     Just a few weeks prior I saw a pregnant woman pushing a cart burdened with just watermelons.  That's it.    I was amused because the melons were the same size and shape of her abdomen.  I was thinking, "Watermelons are high in Vitamin C.  Vitamin C is important to someone in their third trimester."  But underneath that I was also thinking, "This woman is a watermelon thief.  I'm sure of it.  She probably has a whole mess of watermelon themed weapons and even leaves a calling card at the scene of the crime.Okay, maybe I was the only one thinking that.  But I digress.  The point is, if you walk through the grocery store with three kids while eating pizza and throwing boxes of sugar and candy into your shopping cart it's a safe bet to say this person isn't exactly health conscious.
     This brings up a very interesting question.  Is it okay to have a snack while shopping?  Is it acceptable to snack on something before you have paid for it?  Let's say I open a box of cookies or take a swig out of the milk jug before I approach the counter.   I've seen parents give their children a grape or cookie to keep them quiet while they check out. This seems perfectly normal.  But a whole slice of pizza even if it was from their store. What if they had McDonald's?  What if I just went around the store and made myself a sandwich so I could eat while in line at the check out?  Is there a line to be drawn?  I would like to hear your thoughts on this.


  1. Oooh good topic! I think it isn't acceptable to be munching on something from your grocery cart before you've paid for it. Because technically, even though you have intentions of buying it, you haven't bought it yet and its not yours. It's still the grocery store's. What if your munching on a package of cookies as you approach the check out lane, and you pat your pockets, your front, back, your purse....or satchel....your coat........ and you forgot your wallet. Holy crap what are you going to do? You could either a).....Discreetly close the box and go put it back on the shelf and run out of the store, or b) Run out of the store WITH the box...but you might get tackled by security, or c) Leave the box at the counter and tell the cashier, 'I'm so sorry, I forgot my wallet, can you hold these for me and I'll be right back to pay for them?" Of course you'd have to leave something for collateral most likely, and you don't have your wallet. Maybe a shoe...or your whining kid would work. Then again, you might get home and decide not to go back for the whining kid. I'd perfectly understand. Anyway, to prevent all that, I just think its unacceptable. Wait to eat it after you've paid for it. And as far as eating food from other sources while shopping....depends on what it is. The pizza is crazy, maybe a little baggy of food you brought from home??? like carrot sticks or chips or goldfish crackers, that I would understand because a lot of times, I have a baggy of goodies in my purse to keep my own daughter from complaining about being hungry in the grocery store. I don't know if thats a bad habit or not, but I do it. I'm American. So what?

    1. Interesting take. I myself don't see too much of a problem with opening a soda before it's paid for. Many stores are able to write these things off. I did find a story where a mother in Hawaii was arrested because she forgot about a $2 sandwich she consumed while shopping. She even lost custody of her toddler because of it. Maybe a bit extreme. Here is the link.$2-sandwiches-state-briefly-takes-daughter-away/


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