Monday, March 19, 2012

Houston, We Have a Problem or (How I quit worrying and loved my sibling)

     "What a beautiful day."  I said to myself enjoying the cool breeze and sunshine coming through my open window.  Evil squirrel was silently plotting from the trees across the street and polishing his spiked acorn shirukens.  
     The sound of an incoming text breaks me away from this calm scene.  "Bobbi is dating her adopted brother"  the text shouted at me with insane glee.
     "What?  Who is...what are you talking about?"  My thumbs stumbled their way across the tiny keyboard of my phone. 
     "Bobbi Kristina, Whitney Houston's daughter is dating her adopted brother Nick Gordon."  the text snapped back almost immediately after I sent mine.
I started to text back "Wait, Bobbi?  Whitney had a daughter named Bobbi, after being married to Bobby Bro-"
     "Yes, try and keep up."  the incoming text cut me off. 
     "Wait," I started another text.  "How are you even do-"
     "I'm just good," the text shot back before I even processed the words in my head. "Listen, there's no time.  You need to blog about this.  The world hangs in the balance."
      I nonchalantly ducked as a silver spiked acorn sailed over my head and lodged itself into the back of my chair.  "Ok,"  I texted back.  "Challenge--" 
      "Accepted."  The text came back.  How the hell is she doing that?
     The acorn began to emit a foul smelling green smoke.  "Ah, you've upgraded I see." I said quietly looking across the street.  "But not today my friend.  I've got a blog to write."

  *Theme music that sounds somewhat like Batman, but isn't the theme from Batman due to copyright laws...but still sounds awfully close and brings up images of the caped crusader*
    Okay, let's just do a quick google search and- Holy mother of God.  Where do I even begin.  

    Let's begin with a little history.

     When Nick Gordon was twelve his father was sent to prison and his mother couldn't afford to raise him alone.   A very tragic thing.  Whitney Houston took him in and raised him as her own child.  Though he was never officially adopted, he was raised as a member of the family.  This is where things get a bit fuzzy.
     One could say, "They are not even related, biologically or lawfully."  And you would be correct.  After all just because you've known someone since you were kids doesn't mean you can't date or marry them.  Isn't that how a lot of romantic stories start?  "We were friends since kindergarten and-" the rest dissolves into a gooey sweet sickening mess of words.  My point is,  I think the timing is just wrong.  Whitney passed away on February 11th 2012.  I'm sure it's a very emotional time for both of them.  When emotions take over, common sense and logic take a back seat.  After all, emotions take place on the right side of the brain, logic is in a completely different hemisphere.  Physically and metaphorically. 
If this had taken place a year later or a year earlier it may not have been a big deal.  Perhaps Whitney would have been all for it.  Of course Nick and Bobbi have both denied the rumors despite showing up in photos and videos holding hands, kissing, and wearing an engagement ring.  Is it really any one's business but their own?  What does Grandma have to say?  Cissy Houston is against the whole thing.  Which also lends a bit of truth to the rumors.  If Nick and Bobbi weren't romantically involved she'd have nothing to be against.  Anyway, she says even though they are not related what they are doing still counts as incest.  She feels that Nick is taking advantage of Bobbi and perhaps that is true.  But how else are guys supposed to hook up?  If you can't use a death in the family as an excuse to get some, then I don't know what you can use.  I'm kidding of course (The best excuse is to claim you have cancer.)
     I think emotions are running high for both of these kids.  Nick was probably going through a traumatic time when he was twelve.  Here is this woman, Whitney Houston who took him in.  She looked out for him.  If you had someone who took care of you since you were twelve and they passed away I'm pretty sure you would feel something.  You may not be aware of it. It may be repressed, or just lying below the surface of your psyche.  But it's there.

Final Thoughts:
     In a way they are probably both using each other.  They have two major things working against them.  An emotional death in the family.  They are still young kids.  It does seem they are moving way too fast.  But who am I to judge?  Oh yeah, the guy writing the blog.  My judgement is to allow for a period of time for proper grieving.  And you should probably date for about four years before getting married.  Why make decisions when emotions are out of whack and hormones are running high?   I don't really see anything wrong with them getting married in any other circumstance.  I mean as long as they aren't weird with it, it should be fine.  This is all I really have to say on the matter for my attention span is limited.  Anything longer and I would forget to breathe. 

  What do you think?
I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on this weird story.  Please comment below or email me.


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  1. Justin, I can see your shadow in that picture you took of the happy couple.

    Okay, so IIIIIII heard, that Nick Gordon is actually the evil squirrel in disguise. Okay no I didn't. I think the whole engagement thing came from someone seeing her wearing a ring on her left ring finger. Well as it turns out, they dug up a picture of her mother wearing the same ring. It's her mothers ring. I no longer think they are engaged. she is just wearing her ring to remember her. Why she chose THAT finger....who knows. Maybe she likes drama. Also, as long as they are not related, and he never was actually adopted, I can see their reasoning. They grew up together, best friends, can share their secrets, it would be odd that they WOULDN'T have feelings for each other at a time like this. It is very hard to suddenly turn off feelings that you have worked for years and years to build up. They could both be using each other for support, I think perhaps they aren't really sure what their true feelings are. Onlookers may say it is love, or what looks like love, but to Bobbie and Gordon, it may still be confusing and they don't know how to describe what they are feeling for each other. Just still mourning the loss of their mother/"mother".


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