Friday, March 2, 2012

What kind of Blog is this?

I should start with explaining exactly what this blog is about.  Anything that pops into my head.  Maybe a short story, a recipe, or ways to annoy kittens. (Hint:  They hate zerberts.)  That being said I do encourage my readers to voice their opinions as much as possible.  This will help me do two things:  First it will boost my ego knowing that people are actually reading what I write.  Secondly it may actually help create a sort of dialogue.  Perhaps your argument will be so strong that I will change my mind completely and write a new entry explaining how I was totally wrong in my thinking that cat juggling was a cruel and sadistic pastime enjoyed by people who brush their teeth with Meth flavored toothpaste.  Although, I don't think I am wrong. 
Finally, if you also have a subject you are interested in, post it in a comment. I will reasearch it (by way of googling the word and only looking at the pictures) and give a half ass opinion of your subject.  It's only a blog, not a research paper being presented to Stephen Hawkings.  However Stephen, if you are a reader please post a comment below and I'll be happy to mention you in a blog.  Unless I'm too busy practicing my cat juggling.

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